Exploring Requirments for Eagle

Source: Exploring, 1958, #3506A

1. Submit a statemenet signed by your school principal that all your marks were at least passing for the previous semester and that you are currently fulfilling your obligations as a citizen of the school.  If not in school, submit a statement signed by your employer that you have been satisfactorily and continuously employed for at least six months.

2. Serve successfully as an officer, committee chairman, or leader in a young people's group such as your post, church or synagogue, school club, student council, the Y's, the Junior Achievement, the Junior American Red Cross chapter, the Future Farmers chapter, or the 4-H Club.

3. Give evidence that you are faithful in your religious obligations.

4. Participate in a majority of the meetings and activities of your Explorer post for at least six months.

5. Give a brief oral review of two publications on personal fitness that you have read, similar to those listed at the end of this chapter and approved by your Advisor.

6. Submit evidence that you competed in an athletic or a field sport for at least eight games or contests.  It may be dual competition, or it may be team competition with a school, intramural, religous, Explorer or other team.

7. Submit a report on a project that you did to meet a local conservation need, explaining how the problem arose and the probable outcomes of your work.

8. Submit evidence of qualification for 21 of the following merit badges:

All ten from this group: Camping, Cooking, Firemanship, First Aid, Lifesaving, Nature, Personal Fitness, Public Health, Safety Swimming.

Any three from the citizenship group: Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Home, Citizenship in the Nation, World Brotherhood.

Any one from the conservation group: Forestry, Soil and Water Conservation, Wildlife Management.

Any one from the outdoor sports group: Archery, Athletics, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Horsemanship, Marksmanship, Skiing.

Any one from any of these groups:
Animal husbandry group: Animal Industry, Beekeeping, Beef Production, Dairying, Dog Care, First Aid to Animals, Hog and Pork Production, Pets, Pigeon Raising, Poultry Keeping, Rabbit Raising, Sheep Farming.
Plant cultivation group: Agriculture, Corn Farming, Cotton Farming, Fruit and Nut Growing, Gardening, Grasses Legumes and Forage Crops, Landscape Gardening, Small Grains and Cereal Foods.
Communications group: Bugling, Journalism, Printing, Radio, Signaling.
Transportation group: Automobiling, Aviation, Railroading, Seamanship.
Building group: Electricity, Farm Home and Its Planning, Farm Layout and Building Arrangement, Farm Mechanics, Home Repairs, Woodwork, Machinery, Masonry, Metalwork, Painting, Plumbing.

Any five other merit badges.

If following this Explorer method of earning Eagle, form 6109A is used.