Leadership Corps Insignia, 1972-87Leadership Corps (1972-89)

In 1972 as part of the overall "Improved Scouting Program", National replaced the idea of Senior Boy Scouts with the Leadership Corps.  The Leadership Corps was for boys 14 and older who were at least First Class, who would be organized into a patrol of older, more experienced scouts, where they could serve the troop as leaders and instructors and be able to doing things on their own.

In 1989, National introduced the in-troop Venture/Varsity program and got rid of the Leadership Corps. But it seems some units still use the program.

The program was to bring together the older boys of a troop as a group.  Membership was limited to those boys 14 and older and First Class Scout. Initially the age was limited to 14-15, with the expectation that at 16 the boy would either be made a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, or look at moving over to Exploring. The Senior Patrol Leader served as the leader of the group, but could appoint an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader to run the Corps instead.  Those who held the positions of Quartermaster, Scribe, Librarian, etc., would most likely be members of the Corps.  Patrol Leaders would not be included, but it was expected that they be included in Leadership Corps activities.  In general, the group existed to provide leadership to the troop as needed, while also giving the older boys the opportunity to do things on their own.

Members of the Leadership Corps were permitted to wear the forest green shirt used by the Explorers, but one that said "Scouts BSA" instead of "Explorers".  Initially, only they were allowed to wear the new red beret.  Eventually all Boy Scouts were allowed to wear it if their troop decided it was to be their unit headgear.  In addition, a special Leadership Corps patch was created to be worn on the right sleeve in place of the patrol medallion.  When the forest green shirt was dropped in 1979, its use by the Leadership Corps was also dropped.  When they brought the shirt back, its use by the Leadership Corps was not re-instated.  However, you still see some try to wear the green shirt, including the current one with red loops.  This is improper.  Only Venturing youth may wear the forest green shirt, not Boy Scouts.

Scout BSA green shirt stripScout BSA strip on card to replace Explorer strip
Leadership Corps Insignia
Leadership Corps Insignia, 1972-871972-87 Leadership Corps Insignia, 1987-891987-89

The Leadership Corps pamphlet was the only literature of the program.  It had at least one revision during its lifetime.
Leadership Corps
  1973    #6503             75000 
  1987    #6503A   [revision, new cover] 


Leadership Corps booklet, cover 1Leadership Corps booklet, cover 2

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