Sea Scout Advanced Leadership Training (1996- )

In 1996, the National Sea Scout Committee created a new leadership training program for Sea Explorers.  This course was called SEAL, which stood for Sea Explorer Advanced Leadership.  In 1998, with the rename of Sea Explorers to Sea Scouts, the course was renamed Sea Scout Advanced Leadership Training, but still retained the SEAL acronym.

The course is taught at the Regional level.  So far, there have been about four-five courses given in each region.  The Sea Scout website has a list of upcoming courses.  Check them out here.

SEAL is a weeklong training course focusing on leadership skills, conducted at sea. The course covers such topics as preparing, goal setting, organizing, supervising, commanding, communicating, training, motivating, and more.

Attendees must be registered Sea Scouts who have earned the Ordinary rank prior to attending SEAL training and not yet 18 years old.  They should have a thorough, working knowledge of Chapter Four of the Sea Scout Manual.

Those who successfully complete the course are awarded the SEAL Training Award, which is a silver pin with twin dolphins, which is worn above the right pocket above service stars, if any.  Here is the pin:

Am not aware of any literature for SEAL apart from the course syllabus, which I have not seen.

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