Venturing LogoVenturing (1998-present)

In August of 1998, National created a new program for the non-"Career oriented Explorer" units called Venturing.  For the most part, Venturing is Exploring renamed.  It retained the forest green uniform.  It retained a renamed Explorer Code along with a new Oath.  However, there are many new features and changes, some that harkened back to older programs.

Some of these new things included an expanded advancement program. Other changes include several organizational changes at the District and Council level, like replacing the Explorer Service Teams with Unit Commissioners (like Cub and Boy Scout units have and Explorers used to have), having Venturing Roundtables (like Cub and Boy Scout leaders have, and Explorers used to have), and replacing the Explorer Officer Associations with Teen Leaders' Council (was to be called Venturer Officer Associations).  But the program has been stymied by a lack of clear information from National on the program and how to run it.  Too often Councils are trying to run it like the old Exploring program, which Venturing is not, or just as incorrectly try to run Venturing along side the new LFL/Exploring.  This has caused problems in implementing the program that remain to this day.

One area too many are still unclear on is the correct terms to be used in Venturing.  In short:

The Program is called Venturing.
Members of Venturing are called Venturers.
Venturing units are called Venturing Crews.

All other terms such as "Venture Scouts", "Venturer Crews", "Venture Crews", and the like are incorrect.  This is important, as the misuse of terms makes in unclear if one is talking about the Venturing program or the Venture program.  These are two different programs with too similar names.

For more information about the Venturing program, go to BSA's Venturing page.

NEW in Venturing:

The BSA National Organization is re-orged, and the Venturing Division (along with other program divisions) is eliminated.  Will have to see how this will affect the program going forward.

In the Fall of 2009, we will finally see the rollout of updated materials, as well as new training for Venturers- Mentoring Others, along with a new National Youth Leadership Society.

On-line crew orientation training is now available at the new BSA On-line training site.

The 2009 National Venturing Cabinet were named at the National Meeting in May.  The National Venturing Cabinet website is being updated with their info.

Other Venturing Information:
The National Venturing Cabinet has their own website, which includes info on each member and links to the Regional Venturing websites.  The National Cabinet site is here.  There are links to the Regional Venturing pages from both this site and the Venturing Info site above.

Since National has yet to create a replacement magazine for Venturing (and probably never will), someone has stepped in to do an electronic magazine for Venturing.  Check it out here.  It’s recently been revamped.

For information on Powder Horn, the Venturing Advisor's Outdoors Skills courses, and a list of available courses, go here.  National has also added information on their website as well here.  I also have a page on Powder Horn here.

Kodiak has a page as well here.

Venturing Articles
The International Sea Scout Cup, also known as the Koch Cup, was covered in the Jan/Feb 2005 issue.

A Venturing Crew is on the cover of the (Oct 2004) on their trip to Atikokan (part of the Northern Tier High Adventure Programs).

A recent issue of Scouting has an article on the Nature of Leadership Treks (May/June 2002).

While not specifically for Venturers, the March/April 2002 issue of Scouting magazine has two articles of interest: one on long distant hikes (Five for 50) and Wilderness First Aid.

See the article on a family involved in a Search and Rescue Venturing Crew (To the Rescue: A Family Together Feature Scouting, Jan/Feb 2002).  There is also a great one a great council Venturing event planned, organized and run by Venturers! (An Odyssey Begins  Scouting, Jan/Feb 2002)

See the article on a Living History Venturing Crew (Brightening Winter's Longest Night Scouting, Nov/Dec 2001).

See the cover article on the Sea Scout Advanced Leadership training program for Sea Scouts in a past issue of Scouting magazine (Building Leaders on the Chesapeake Oct. 2000).

See the article on a Youth Ministries Venturing Crew in a past issue of Scouting magazine (Venturing for God, Sept. 2000).

See the article on Venturing and the Ranger Award in a past issue of Scouting magazine (Rangers Rock! Nov/Dec 1999).

The Venturer Code
As a Venturer-
I believe that America's strength lies in her trust in God and in the courage and strength of her people.
I will, therefore, be faithful in my religious duties and will maintain a personal sense of honor in my life.
I will treasure my American heritage and will do all I can to preserve and enrich it.
I will recognize the dignity and worth of my fellow men and will use fair play and good will in dealing with them.
I will acquire the Venturing attitude that seeks the truth in all things and adventure on the frontiers of our changing world.

The Venturer Oath (revised in 1999/2000)
As a Venturer, I promise to do my duty to God and help strengthen America, to help others, and, to seek truth, fairness, and adventure in our world.

Earlier version was:
As a Venturer, I promise to help strengthen America, to be faithful in my religious duties, to help others, and, to seek truth, fairness, and adventure in our world.

Venturing is an open-ended program focusing on the areas of arts & hobbies, sports, outdoors, youth ministries, and Sea Scouting.  Each Crew is expected to have a specialty in one of these areas.

Venturing at first retained the six experience areas of Exploring: Social, Citizenship, Service, Leadership, Fitness, and Outdoor.  However, this has been recently replaced by four goals: gain practical experience, engage in a program of activities to encourage development of the whole person, experience positive leadership and be given opportunities to take on leadership roles, have a chance to learn and grow in a supportive, caring, and fun environment.

Councils are supposed to replace their Explorer Officer Associations with district Teen Leaders' Councils (earlier they were referred to as Venturing Officer Associations), but this has not been made clear by National.  These TLCs can include older Boy Scout leaders (at least 15) and Exploring teen leaders if the council wants.  These TLCs would meet annually for a Council Program Planning Conference.  The TLCs would plan district-level Venturing events and the CPPC would plan out council-level events.  This is covered briefly in the Venturer Handbook and more in depth in the new Administrating Venturing in Districts/Councils booklet.

As stated above, Venturing Crews will be served by Unit Commissioners, the same as Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Varsity Scout Teams.  There are also supposed to be Venturing Roundtables (for both youth AND adults), the same as there are Cub Scout Roundtables, Boy Scout Roundtables, and Varsity Scout Huddles.  There is a Venturing Roundtable Guide (recently renamed “Monthly Forums”) that was released, along with Venturing Roundtable Commissioner and Staff patches.

National Venturing President and Cabinet
Continuing the tradition of National Exploring leadership, there is a National Venturing President and Regional Presidents, as well as a National Chief Boatswain for Sea Scouts.  These form the national youth leadership of Venturing.  The first cabinet was elected at the last National Explorer Leadership Conference.  Normally their terms would be two years.  But there was no national Venturing event in 2000 to replace them. However, a new Venturing Cabinet was chosen for 2000-2001. The Regional Venturing Committees will choose the Regional President, and then the National Venturing Committee will choose the National President from that group.  Starting in 2003, the National Venturing President will be chosen from the group of four outgoing Regional Presidents.  Would expect that the upcoming National Venturing event would include elections for new leadership, but this is unclear.

There is now a website for the National Venturing Cabinet.  You can check out the site HERE.

1998-2000 Jon Fulkerson; Chad King(C); Gavin Svensen(NE); James Wells (S);  David Ellison(W);
2000-2001 Kate Knuth; Kris Zahrobsky (C); Kelly McGovern (NE); Wesley Miller (S); Dan Bronstein (W);
2001-2002 Marissa Morgan;  Robert Rescot (C); Christine Capen (NE); Francesca Scanio (S); Tim Burchett (W); Kate Hagen (CB)
2002-2003 Sam Stocker; Nathan Petrusak (C); Tom Southard (NE); Tom Franklin (S); Melisa Bures (W); Cyrus Lawyer (CB)
2003-2004 Tom Franklin; Iris Kalkofen (C); Danielle Bird (NE); Randy Porch (S); Josh Green (W); Christopher A.Kerzich (CB)
2004-2005 Christopher A.Kerzich; Bridget Degel (C); Amy Frantz (NE); Lee Barrera (S); Amara DiFrancesco (W); James Houghton (CB)
2005-2006 Amara DiFrancesco;  Paul Lee (C); Jess Rumburg (NE); Maggie Belli (S); Brian Casper (W); Jesse Milton (CB)
2006-2007 Maggie Belli; Christopher Szybisty (C); Aaron Stockwell (NE); Michael B. Bebeau (S); Robyn L. Knoll (W); David George (CB)
2007-2008 David George; Amanda Vogt (C); Andrea Neff (NE); Thomas Joyce (S); Dana Friede (W); Doug Bowman(CB)
2008-2009 Amanda Vogt; Katelyn Childs (C); Kyla Mahoney (NE); John Washburn (S); Matthew McGoarty (W); Monica Traylor (CB)
2009-2010 Matthew McGoarty; Ben Hayes (C); Amy Clark (NE); Kalla French (S); Jennifer Lowe (W); Connor Rieve (CB)

National Venturing Activities
At present, the following are known about previous and upcoming National-level Venturing activities.


In 2003, there were four Nature of Leadership Treks.  This was the last time this will be done, as its hoped council/crews will organize their own treks.  See my separate page on Nature of Leadership for more info.
Brochure is available here. (Warning: Word Doc)
Fact Sheets: HTML and PDF



In 2002, there were several Nature of Leadership Treks.  See the National website for information on these. 
Brochure is available here. (Warning: Word Doc)



In 2001, there was a special Nature of Leadership program in the summer.  This is a continuation of the first Nature of Leadership program held at Philmont in 2000. This has since becoming a National-level Venturing leadership development program for Venturers.  Three courses were offered, two are Philmont Treks and the third is a Yukon River float trip through the Yukon Charley National Rivers Preserve. But the second Philmont course was cancelled due to lack of registration. The programs are high adventure based, but are concentrated on teaching advanced leadership skills to Crew officers. The Philmont Treks were June 11-23 and July 27-August 8.  The Yukon River trip was July 6-15. 
Here are the brochures in Word format, but be aware that the one with images is 1.5megabytes. Without images  With images


Philmont 2000 Venturing Adventure arrowhead

In 2000, there was a special Venturing Trek at Philmont:

The Venturing trek is a 14-day experience. It is a co-ed program.

                 The first part of the trek will feature a special backcountry "Nature of Leadership" course. The second part will include a service project working along side a Cabin Restoration Crew in rebuilding old cabins that enhance the backcountry programs. The third part of the trek will allow participants to experience programs of the backcountry wilderness. Session dates for 2000 were:
                         #1      June 18-July 2
                         #2      July 9-July 23

The follow-on program is the 2001 Nature of Leadership Treks mentioned above.




2010 Philmont Training- Venturing

2010 Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center was offered, but due to the National Re-org in mid-2008, it was no longer organized into a specific week. Courses were instead scattered thru the summer. Courses offered will include:

  • How to Develop Crews That Thrive offered June 13-19
  • Initiative Games for Packs, Troops, Teams and Crews offered June 13-19
  • Delivering Venturing to Your District and Council offered June 20-26
  • What's New in Youth Leader Training offered June 20-26 and July 18-24
  • Building Strong Packs, Troops, Teams and Crews offered July 11-17
  • Specialized Programming for Crews offered July 18-24
  • Cub Scout and Boy Scout Roundtables, and Venturing Forums offered July 18-24
  • Strickly for Venturing Advisors offered August 1-7
  • Training Venturing Leaders—Youth and Adults offered August 1-7

2010 Sea Base Training- Venturing

In 2010, Venturing specific training were given at the Sea Base Conference Center as part of an overall Volunteer Development Conferences .  Course offered included:

  • Administration of Venturing (January 18-23)

2009 Philmont Training- Venturing

2009 Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center had their own week: July 26 - Aug 1 (originally planned for July 12-18). Due to the National Re-org, it was no longer advertised as "Venturing Week", and one planned course was dropped. Courses offered will include:

  • How to Develop Crews That Thrive
  • Delivering Venturing to Your District and Council
  • Training Venturing Leaders—Youth and Adults
  • Specialized Programming for Crews (new this year)
  • Strickly for Venturing Advisors (new this year- also offered June 7-13 and July 12-18)
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Youth Leadership Development (new this year)
  • Specialized Training for National and Regional Venturing Volunteers (By Invitation Only!)  (new this year- but cancelled after the National re-org)



2009 Sea Base Training- Venturing

In 2009, Venturing specific training were given at the Sea Base Conference Center.  Courses offered included:

  • Venturing Administration for Professionals (March 2-6)
  • Venturing Administration for Volunteers (March 2-6)



2008 Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center had their own week: Aug 3-9. Courses offered included:

  • How to Develop Crews That Thrive
  • Delivering Venturing to Your District and Council
  • High-Adventure Programs for Crews
  • Training Venturing Leaders—Youth and Adults
  • Incorporating Venturing Into Your Troop



2007 Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center had their own week: July 22-28. Courses offered were:

  • How to Develop Crews That Thrive
  • Delivering Venturing to Your District and Council
  • High-Adventure Programs for Crews
  • Training Venturing Leaders—Youth and Adults
  • Sea Scouting Advanced Leader Training (SALT) [2 tracks]
  • Kodiak and Kodiak-X CDC
  • Incorporating Venturing Into Your Troop



2007 Sea Base Training- Venturing

In 2007, Venturing specific training were given at the Sea Base Conference Center.  Courses planned are:

  • Kodiak and Kodiak-X (Jan 28-Feb 2)
  • Delivering the Venturing Program (March 5-9) with Basic & Advanced groups



2006 Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center had their own week: Aug 6-12. Courses offered included:

  • How to Develop Crews That Thrive (new this year)
  • Delivering Venturing to Your District and Council
  • High-Adventure Programs for Crews
  • Sports Programming and Successful Crews
  • Venturing for Religious Organizations—The TRUST Award and More
  • Training Venturing Leaders—Youth and Adults
  • Sea Scouting Advanced Leader Training (SALT) [2 tracks]
  • Kodiak and Kodiak-X CDC
  • Incorporating Venturing Into Your Troop (new this year)


2006 Sea Base Training- Venturing

In 2006, Venturing specific training were given at the Sea Base Conference Center.   Courses offered were:

  • Kodiak and Kodiak-X (Jan 22-27)
  • Delivering the Venturing Program (March 6-10) with Basic & Advanced groups



2005 Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center had their own week: Aug 14-20. Courses offered were:

  • Venturing -- The Crew
  • Venturing -- Council and District Admin.
  • High Adventure and Sports for Crew Program  (Ranger and Quest Awards)
  • Venturing Programming for Religious Groups (including new TRUST Award)
  • Training Venturing Leaders and Advancement
  • Sea Scouting Advanced Leader Training (SALT) [2 tracks]
  • Kodiak and Kodiak-X CDC
  • Delivering the Venturing Program


2005 Sea Base Training- Venturing

In 2005, Venturing specific training were given at the Sea Base Conference Center.  Go to the Venturing Info site here for full info.  Courses were:

  • Kodiak and Kodiak-X (Feb 7-11)
  • Delivering the Venturing Program (Feb 28-March 4) with Basic & Advanced groups



2004 Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center had their own week: Aug 1-7.  Courses offered were:

  • Venturing -- The Crew
  • Venturing -- Council and District Admin.
  • High Adventure and Sports for Crew Program (combo of 2 previous courses)
  • Venturing Programming for Religious Groups (new this year)
  • Venturing Advancement
  • Training Venturing Leaders
  • Venturing in the LDS Church
  • Sea Scouting
  • Kodiak and Kodiak-X (new this year)

Also, "Delivering the Venturing Program" was offered June 13-19


2004 Sea Base Training- Venturing

In 2004, Venturing specific training was given at the Training Conference at the Florida Sea Base.  This was held March 2-5.   Courses offered were:

  • Delivering the Venturing Program (for volunteers)
  • Venturing Training for Professionals


2003 Philmont Training- Venturing

2003 Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center had their own week: June 8-14.  Courses offered were:

  • Venturing- The Crew
  • Venturing, District and Council Administration
  • Quality Venturing Roundtables
  • Training Venturing Leaders
  • Venturing Advancement
  • High Adventure Resources for Venturing
  • Venturing in the LDS Church
  • Sea Scouting (new this year)
  • Venturing Sports Program (new this year)

A new course called "Delivering the Venturing Program" was offered June 22-28.


2003 Sea Base Training- Venturing

For the first time in 2003, there was Venturing specific training given at the Training Conference at the Florida Sea Base.  These were held March 4-6.    Courses offered were:

  • Delivering the Venturing Program (for volunteers)
  • Venturing Training for Professionals


2002 Philmont Training- Venturing

2002 Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center was held  the week of June 9-15.   The courses offered were:

  • Venturing- The Crew
  • Venturing, District and Council Administration
  • Quality Venturing Roundtables
  • Training Venturing Leaders
  • Venturing Advancement
  • High Advanture Resources for Venturing
  • Venturing in the LDS Church (new this year)


2001 Philmont Training-Venturing

2001 Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center again had its own week.  Courses offered were:

  • Venturing- The Crew
  • Venturing, District and Council Administration
  • Quality Venturing Roundtables
  • Training Venturing Leaders
  • Venturing Advancement
  • High Advanture Resources for Venturing
  • American Red Cross Instructor Certification


Philmont Training Center 2000- Varsity & Venturing

Venturing specific training at the Philmont Training Center in 2000 had a whole week devoted to just this area.  There was a nice website devoted to this, but its gone now.


Venturing was again represented at the 2005 National Scout Jamboree with the Venturing Mining Co. and Quest Olympic Park.  There will also be a big Sea Scout display, along with it.  The Mining Co had a very popular, Kodiak-like, medal to give out to participants.  Youth (no adults) went thru the mock western mine, which had broken into a cave system, and were involved in a variety of activities. The Quest Olympic Park had a pin and was selling their flags as an Olympic fundraiser.  The Park also had various Olympians present during the Jamboree.


Venturing was represented at the 2001 National Scout Jamboree with the Venturing Rainforest. This was an impressive setup with an "Indiana Jones"-style adventure. Youth going thru the Rainforest got a coupon so they could purchase a special 5-piece Venturing Rainforest patch set at the Trading Post.  With it was a Venturing Exhibit staffed by the incoming and outgoing National Venturing Cabinets.  Sea Scouts also had a setup next to this.  In addition, many Venturing youth and leaders were on staff for the Jamboree. There was also a Venturing staff patch made, which was based on the Jamboree patch but with the Venturing logo instead of the BSA one.  Sea Scouts had their own patch as well.



It is unclear when and what form the first "National Venturing Event" will take.  Early on, it appeared such an event would occur in Colorado (or out west) in 2002 or 2003.  Final name for this event had not been decided. Only info on the idea for this event is that it will be aimed at outdoor crews and have a lot of high adventure activities.  The intent of this event was NOT intended as a replacement for the old Exploring National Conferences, and would have little appeal to non-outdoor crews.  Nor would it be a training/leadership experience.  As a year or two has passed since I first heard this, it is unclear what form the event will take when (or if) it does occur. It seems that some feel we will see Regional events first, which will lead to a National event.  I am not aware of anyone working toward either regional or national events.  I know that some of the Regional Venturing Presidents would like to pull this off, but we'll see if it happens.  Am sure those at the National level have probably more tied up with various new program elements in the past few years, so who knows about them?  I do hope that such an event will occur, especially with the growth of Venturing.  It could be that we will need to have Venturing grow to a larger point then it is today before we see a National Venturing Event.

Bottom line: until we hear more about a definite event from the National Venturing Division, a National Venturing Event is all a pipedream.

If such an event happens, it will probably NOT be called a "Venturing Jamboree".  I propose it be called a National Venturing Rendezvous.  Back in the 40s and 50s, council/area/regional Exploring gatherings were called 'Rendezvous' (or 'Encampment') rather then Camporees.  Let's continue this tradition rather then have "Council Venturing Camporees" or the like.   I disagree with some of using the term 'Venture' for Venturing events. This is confusing with Venture Patrols still part of the BSA program.

World/International Activities

At the 2007 World Scout Jamboree in England, the BSA sent Venturing Crew contingents.  There was 1 Crews per Region.  Due to World Jamboree rules, the Venturing Crews will be limited to those 14-18.  Any Venturers over 18 who wanted to attend the WSJ had to do so as part of staff.



At the 2002-2003 World Scout Jamboree in Thailand, the BSA sent 3 Venturing Crews.  Due to World Jamboree rules, the Venturing Crews were limited to those 14-18.



The BSA sent a contingent of Venturers to the 12th World Scout Moot in 2004.

Due to world rules, Venturers must be between 18 and 22 years old.

More info HERE.

12th World Scout Moot

Venturing retains the concept of "Distinctive Dress Identity" for Venturing Crews.  If Crews wish to adopt a BSA field uniform, they should use the forest green shirt with charcoal gray shorts or pants.  Venturing office insignia is available.  The use of the blazer that was used a lot by the Explorers has been dropped.  As Venturing is more outdoor oriented the old Exploring and more tied into tradition Scouting, the use the forest green shirt is more widely used by Venturing then it was under the previous Exploring program.  This is seen by the various National Venturing officers wearing the forest green shirt when their Exploring predecessors were always seen wearing the blazer.  Youth members may NOT wear the tan shirt.  Adults involved in Venturing at the unit/district/council/area/region/national levels may choose to wear the tan, though green would be better.

Venturing Uniformgeneric Venturing patch for right sleeve

An activity shirt and t-shirts are available from National, along with two different hats (see picture for hats).  A charcoal gray web belt is available, or a leather belt with the metal Venturing buckle can be worn. Gray hiking socks with the Venturing logo are also available.  See the latest BSA catalogs.

Advancement Program
One part of the Venturing program that is different from the previous Exploring program, is an expanded advancement program.  The old Explorer G.O.L.D. Award became the Venturing Gold award.  There is also five different Bronze Awards available, one for each Venturing cluster: arts & hobbies, outdoors, sports, youth ministries(now renamed religious life), and Sea Scouting.  The Sea Scouting Bronze Award uses the same requirements as the Sea Scout Ordinary Rank, but should be considered a separate award.  Any Venturer can earn Sea Scouting Bronze, but only Sea Scouts can earn Sea Scout advancement.  A Venturing can earn more then one Bronze Award.  One is required to earn the Venturing Gold.

Like the Explorer G.O.L.D before it, the Venturing Gold expects the Venturer to perform activities in the six experience areas of Venturing, show leadership, and accomplish a set of personal goals. The Venturing Gold metal has gone thru three varients.  The first varient was the medal on a neck ribbon, like the previous Explorer G.O.L.D. metal, but it’s unclear if this was released to the field.  Then it was put on a military-style ribbon, like the Silver Award.  Most recently (early 2001) the medal itself was redesigned to remove the periods between the letters of 'GOLD' (an error picked up from the old "Explorer G.O.L.D.") and adding black highlights to the medal.

The highest award is the Venturing Silver Award, whose design is based on the old Explorer Silver Award.  The Silver Award adds to the work done for Gold by having the Venturer show proficiency in emergency preparedness, participate in Ethical Controversy activities, and complete the Leadership Skills course, among others.

There is also the Venturing Ranger Award.  The Outdoor Bronze Award is composed of half of its requirements.  This award is mainly intended for those Crews involved in outdoor activities, but any Venturer can earn it.  It’s meant to encourage Venturers to achieve high level skill proficiency in the outdoors/high adventure areas.  Some of the requirements include core subjects like First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, Leave No Trace, Wilderness Survival; and electives like Backpacking, SCUBA, Project COPE, Mountain Biking, Outdoor Living History, and more.  There are eight core subjects that must be earned, and any four of eighteen electives.  See the Ranger Handbook for full details, or go here.

There is the Venturing Quest Award.  It is a sports/physical fitness/personal heath award, and earning the Sports Bronze Award is a requirement for earning it.  It’s a fitness/health award that focuses on non-traditional sports.

There is the Venturing TRUST Award.  This is a religious life award, and earning the Religious Life Bronze Award is a requirement for earning it.

A new knot for the Silver Award has been developed.  As no patch exists for Silver, the knot is for informal wear, and can be worn by youth. There is also a silver Ranger bar for wearing on the field uniform.  This bar was redesigned in 2001 to a more colorful version. The Bronze Awards consist of campaign style ribbons as well as a medal with miniture pins.  The medal would be for formal occasions, the ribbon bars for informal wear on the Venturing uniform, the pins may be used for non-uniform wear.  An all-white ribbon exists for the Gold Award as well to wear on the field uniform. Both the Silver Award knot and the Ranger bar can be worn by the award recipients after they turn 21.  Not so with the Bronze and Gold Awards, where just as Boy Scouts are not to wear Boy Scout Ranks after turning 18, should not be worn after turning 21.

Male Venturers who have earned at least First Class as a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout can continue to work toward Eagle Scout as a Venturer.  This is a continuation from the Exploring program.  They would replace Crew leadership position for Troop/Team positions, and the Crew Advisor would conduct the conferences with the Venturer. They still have to earn the award before turning 18.  This is detailed in the current Boy Scouts Requirement booklet, as well as the Venturer Handbook.

Venturing Bronze Awards

Venturing Arts & Hobbies BronzeArts & Hobbies

Venturing Sports BronzeSports

Venturing Outdoor Bronze AwardOutdoors

Venturing Youth Ministries Bronze AwardReligious Life (was Youth Ministries until 2002)

Venturing Sea Scouting Bronze AwardSea Scouting(1998-2000?)

NO PICTURE Sea Scouting (?2000- )

Venturing Bronze medal with minitures

NO PICTURE  Bronze Award medal pins
(see picture to left)



Venturing Advancement

Venturing Gold Award, pendant styleVenturing Gold Medal, Type 2, 2001-onVenturing Gold

Venturing Ranger AwardVenturing Ranger

Venturing Quest MedalVenturing Quest

Trust AwardVenturing TRUST

Venturing Silver AwardVenturing Silver

Venturing Silver Award knot

Ranger bar

Ranger bar, 2nd version

Unit Organization
Venturing Crews use club-style offices like President and the like.  After two years, they finally released a Crew Committee Chairman patch along with a Crew Committee patch.  (but it should be noted that the prior Explorer program never had a Post Committee Chairman patch).  The initial run of Crew Committee Chair & Crew Committee patches appeared on white, which was a mistake, as only youth officer patches are on white.  This was soon corrected with them being made on red.  It appears that this is also corrected in the new 2002-04 Insignia Guide.

In addition, there are office patches for the National and Regional Venturing Presidents.  In 2007, Council and District Venturing President patches were released.  No pictures of these as yet, but can be seen at the National Venturing Cabinet site.   In 2008, patches for Area Venturing Committee, Council Venturing Chair and Council Venturing Committee were released thru the Scout Stuff catalog, and Regional Venturing Chair and Committee, and Area Venturing Chair patches were created, but could only be obtained from the Venturing Division..

Regional Venturing Chair Regional Venturing Committee  
Area Venturing Chair Area Venturing Committee  
Council Venturing Chair Council Venturing Committee  

National Venturing President

Regional Venturing President

Area Venturing President

Council Venturing President

District Venturing President


Venturing Crew Office Insignia

Crew Committee Chair

Crew Committee


Associate Advisor

Crew President

Crew Vice President

Crew Secretary

Crew Treasurer

Crew Quartermaster

Crew Guide

Crew Historian


There are also patches for the Venturing Roundtable people. 

Venturing Roundtable Commissioner, 2000-on

Venturing Roundtable Staff, 2000-on

After the Exploring split, Venturing would continue with the use of the Exploring Leadership Award, now renamed the Venturing Leadership Award. As with the prior award, it would be given to Council/district/unit [blue/white ribbon], Area/Regional [green/white ribbon], and National [red/white ribbon] Venturers and leaders for outstanding service to Venturing at their level.  The criteria for the award is that the person must be a registered Venturer or leader for at least one year, hold a position appropriate for the award (i.e. someone with ONLY a council-level (or district or unit) position can only be considered for the council-level award, you must hold an area/regional or national positions to be considered for those awards), and shown exceptional dedication and given outstanding leadership and service to Venturing at that level.  There is a form, 25-203, for nominating people.  My understanding is you need to get the form in by the end of the year for someone to be considered for the award in that year.

Venturing Leadership Award Knot
A knot has been released for this award (one for all three levels).  The idea is that the wearer may attach a knot device (either Venturing or Sea Scouting as appropriate) on the background color (green, red, blue) to indicate with level award(s) they have received (the order of colors on the knot matches the order of the colors on the certificate).

The number of awards given are as follows:
Councils: 2 youth/2 adults per year for up to 50 units, with one additional youth & adult per each additional 25 units.
Regions: 12 youth/12 adults per year
National: 6 youth/6 adults per year

Venturing Leadership Award, National/Regional/Council

National Venturing Leadership Award recipients
2000- (plus some that probably should have gotten it in 1999)
 Jonathan Fulkerson, National Venturing President, 1998-2000
 James Wells, Southern Region Venturing Representative, 1998-2000
 Gavin Svenson, Northeast Region Venturing Representative, 1998-2000
 Chad King, Central Region Venturing Representative, 1998-2000
 Sylvester Tan, first recipient of the Venturing Silver Award, also recipient of Young American Award in 1999, and past Regional Exploring Representative
 Christopher K. Sokolov, Nat'l Sea Scout Bosn' 2000, also recipient of Young American Award in 2000, Nat'l Exploring Ldr. Award

 Dr. Richards S. Miller, Nat'l Outdoor Venturing Comm., father of Venturing/Ranger
 Ed Burke, Jr., longtime supporter, committee member, U.S. Olympic Committee
 Donna Cunningham, co-developer of Powderhorn training and Ranger Award
 Larry Cunningham, co-developer of Powderhorn training and Ranger Award
 Jimmie Homburg, Nat'l Sea Scout Commodore
 Bob Soldivera
 Jim Elroy
 Robert French
 Captain James Umberger, immediate past National Sea Scout Commodore

Kate Knuth, National Venturing President, 2000-2001
Wesley Miller, Southern Region President, 2000-2001
Kris Zahrobsky, Central Region President, 2000-2001
Dan Bronstein, Western Region President, 2000-2001
Kelly McGovern, Northeast Region President, 2000-2001

Bruce Johnson, Northeast Region Sea Scout Commodore, editor of the new Sea Scout Manual, runs the site, and much more.
Robert Legg, Scout Executive from the Northeast Region.
F. Melvin Hammond
R. William Evans, Assistant National Venturing Director, co-author/developer of most of the Venturing literature and awards.
Ronald L. Sunker
Jeremiah M. Crabtree

Marissa Morgan,  National Venturing President, 2001-2002
Robert Rescot, Central Region President, 2001-2002
Christine Capen, Northeast Region President, 2001-2002
Francesca Scanio, Southern Region President, 2001-2002
Tim Burchett, Western Region President, 2001-2002
Katie Hagen, National Chief Boatswain, 2001-2002

Kerry Chessman
Rod Mortensen
Jin Matsumoto
Bill James, NE Region Sea Scout Committee
Brad Harris, Assistant National Venturing Director, co-author/developer of most of the Venturing materials
Rick Lydecker, National Sea Scout Committee


Sam Stocker, National Venturing President, 2002-2003
Nathan Petrusak, Central Region President, 2002-2003
Tom Southard, Northeast Region President, 2002-2003
Tom Franklin, Southern Region President, 2002-2003
Melisa Bures, Western Region President, 2002-2003
Cyrus Lawyer, National Chief Boatswain, 2002-2003

Charles Holmes, National Venturing Director
Signe Roger
Gregory Carsten
Clayton Cranor
Matt Szamoski
Raymond Derk
Susan Derk
Cassie Johnson

Tom Franklin, National Venturing President, 2003-2004
Iris Kalkofen, Central Region President, 2003-2004
Danielle Bird, Northeast Region President, 2003-2004
Randy Porch, Southern Region President, 2003-2004
Josh Green, Western Region President, 2003-2004
Chris Kerzich, National Chief Boatswain, 2003-2004

Lee Pophan, South Florida Council Commodore
Walt Whitacre, Southern Region Commodore
Theodore H. Smith
William Robinson
Dorothy Borwn
William Daggett, National Venturing Committee Member, Sports Subcommittee Member
Carl Shellhorn
Ben Jelsema, Outdoor Venturing Committee Member

Bridget Degel, Central Region President, 2004-2005
Amy Frantz, Northeast Region President, 2004-2005
Lee Barrera, Southern Region President, 2004-2005
Amara DiFrancesco, Western Region President, 2004-2005
James Houghton, National Chief Boatswain, 2004-2005

Rhonda Clayton, Western Region Venturing Staff Advisor
Richard Cuciti, National Sea Scout Committee
Stephen Fossett, Eagle Scout, past National Venturing Committee Chair, and explorer who circumnavigated the globe in a balloon
David Wilson

Maggie Belli, Southern Region President, 2005-2006
Brian Casper, Western Region President, 2005-2006
Paul Lee, Central Region President, 2005-2006
Jesse Milton, National Chief Boatswain, 2005-2006
Jess Rumberg, Northeast Region President, 2005-2006

Dr. Mike Barrett, Outdoor Venturing Committee Member
Ian Chessman, developer of TRUST Award
Craig Burkhardt
John Smith
Roberta Dougherty
Paul Dillion

Christopher Szybisty, Central Region President, 2006-2007
Aaron Stockwell, Northeast Region President, 2006-2007
Michael Bebeau, Southern Region President, 2006-2007
Robyn L. Knoll, Western Region President, 2006-2007
David George, National Chief Boatswain, 2006-2007

Marion Rice, National Venturing Committee Quartermaster
Charles A. Thorpe
Dr. Tim Mildenhall
Jim Smith
Tim Beaty
Charles Dahlquist, II
Kevin Peterson
Tricia Walker, Gulf Stream Council
Dana McRae
Dan Wilson
Michael Roan

Amanda Vogt, Central Region President, 2007-2008
Andrea Neff, Northeast Region President, 2007-2008
Thomas Joyce, Southern Region President, 2007-2008
Dana Friede, Western Region President, 2007-2008
Doug Bowman, National Chief Boatswain, 2007-2008

Greg Taylor, Southern Region Venturing Director
Roger Bast, Northeast Region
Jim Virgin, Western Region


Venturing World Conservation Award

New for 2003 is the Venturing World Conservation Award.  Venturers have their own requirements for earning this award.  Requirements are HERE. (Word Doc)

So far only a few manuals have been produced for Venturing.  At present, the main one is the Venturing Leader Manual (#34655E), which replaces the Explorer Leader Manual, and appears to incorporate much of the material from the Explorer High Adventure Guide.  It has gone through at least one revision so far, incorporating the Ethical Controversies booklet as well.

There is the Venturer Handbook, which gives info on the Venturing program, leadership skills, and how the youth are to run a Crew.  It also has details on Bronze, Gold, and Silver Awards, and a brief overview of the Ranger and Quartermaster Awards.  It replaces the Silver Award Guidebook, which was available only through Council offices and not National Supply, and really only focused on the Silver Award requirements.  It is the first such manual since the demise of the 1960s Exploring manual.  Most recent printing it has a spiral binding, the same as the Ranger Guidebook, and the 2002 printings has some minor additions.  

The well made Ranger Guidebook gives full details on earning the Ranger Award (and Outdoor Bronze Award).  It was later expanded (#3128A) to include an Outdoor Reference Guide and Emergency Preparedness information.  There were no changes to requirements.

In 2003, National has combined the Venturer Handbook and Ranger Guidebook into a single Venturer/Ranger Handbook (#33494).  There appear to be only minor changes over the previous booklets, mainly new pictures.  A minor revision (#33494A) came out in 2004, mainly adding a couple of pages explaining the Boy Scout program.  A further revision (#33494C) in 2006 has some minor changes to requirements.

A Quest Handbook (#33151) has been published, giving full details on earning this award.  The TRUST Handbook (#33154) is the latest book.

When Exploring magazine ceased publication in the Summer of 1998, no magazine was created to replace it.  It is unclear now if a magazine will be created to replace it, and nothing will be done about creating one until the Venturing program is at least five years old. Such a magazine is needed as there is little of interest to Venturers or their leaders in Boy's Life or Scouting magazines.

While there appears to be no concerted effort to bring back the many Explorer Program Helps for the Venturing program, some are appearing.  So far there is the Rural/low-income Venturing Action Ideas (#33628), but this came from the Scoutreach Division and not the Venturing Division.  A new Venturing Safe Rides Guidebook has been released (#33492).  Work was done on updating the Venturing Olympics guide and Road Rally guide, but these appeared in the second edition of the Here's Venturing booklet, rather then separate booklets.  Hopefully we will see more of the Action Ideas booklets, as many of them would be helpful for those units who are not outdoor oriented.  A great deal of space in the Venturing Leader Manual is devoted to information that would be wasted on many non-outdoor oriented Crews.  Revising old Explorer Program Helps or creating new ones for Crews involved in Youth Ministries, Sports, various arts & hobbies, and various outdoor activities as historical re-enactments and the like would benefit these groups.

The new Here's Venturing: A Guide to Implementing Venturing in a District and Council (#33466) gives a lot of information for adults supporting Venturing.  Its second edition (#33466A) was greatly enlarged, and included information on Venturing Olympics and Road Rallies, as well as more info on running Teen Leader Council/Venturing Officer Associations.  In 2008, a rewritten edition was put out entitled Administration of Venturing for Councils and Districts (#34534).  There is also a Venturing Roundtable Guide (#34342), which was replaced in 2007 with the Venturing Monthly Program Forum (#34342), but the contents remained the same.



Venturing Leader Manual (#34655)
  1998  314pg
  1999  #34655A revised, 346pg
  2000  #34655B revised, 346pg (new cover)
  2002  #34655C revised, 340pg
  2003  #34655D revised, 342pg

  2006  #34655E revised, 346pg


Venturing Leader Manual, #34655 & 34655A printingsVenturing Leader Manual, #34655B & on printings34655e

Venturer/Ranger Handbook (#33494)
  2003  92pg/148pg
  2004  #33494A revised
  2005  #33494B revised
  2006  #33494C revised
  2008  #33494 revised (10th Anniversary edition)
  2009  #33494 (100th Anniversary edition)

spiral bound

Venturer/Ranger Handbook

Quest Handbook (#33151)
  2003  206pg

spiral bound

Quest Handbook

Trust Handbook (#33154)
  2005  96pg

spiral bound

Trust Manual

Silver Award Guidebook (#25-015)

pamphlet, 24pg

Silver Award Guidebook

The Ranger Guidebook (#3128)
 1998  84pg
 2001 #3128A  144pg

spiral bound

Ranger Guidebook

Venturer Handbook (#33493)
  1999   saddle stitched, 88pg
  2000   spiral bound, 88pg
  2002   spiral bound, 92pg


Venturer Handbook

Venturing Roundtable Guide (#34342)
   2000   98pg


Venturing Monthly Program Forum (#34342)

   2007   110pg


Venturing Roundtable Guide

Here's Venturing (#33466)
     2000 xxpg, green cover
     2003  #33466A, 220pg, tan cover


Administration of Venturing for Councils and Districts (#34534)

    2008   110pg


Here's Venturing (1st edition)Here's Venturing (2nd edition)

Venturing magazine







Silver Awards

Ranger Awards

Eagle Awards




































































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